Be still

the-main-production-2387257_1280Just when we feel we are strong enough, life puts us through greater trials. Would they ever end, we wonder, unaware that we have more lessons to learn. Let’s not fret because the universe has our back at all times. Everything happens in our lives for a reason and when our intentions are pure, we are only on our journey to reach a higher level of enlightenment.

Never lose heart; be still and go with the flow.  We are almost there. The universe is taking us exactly where were are supposed to be. Once we are there, there will be love, happiness, peace and tranquility.


You are worthy

There are times when life knocks you down and you feel too weak to get up. I have come to realize that these are the times when you actually grow as a person; when you discover your true self. Good times teach you nothing much. Difficult ones make you leave your comfort zone and help you discover your hidden strength.

Feel blessed that the universe chose to test your limits. Feel strong and empowered. Know thyself and embrace what life offers you. You are worthy of the experience and you are capable enough to handle it. Trust me when it is over you will be thankful.

Real power


Our power lies in realizing that nothing can control us but ourselves. Our lives are a reflection of how we have been treating us. We get what we are. The infinite power within us is capable of changing everything around, only when we let go of all that is holding us back.
There is nothing wrong with being defeated or feeling down, dejected. Rough tides make us better swimmers. So let’s gear up, face our fears, live the lives we always wanted to and discover our real power. 

On loss

freedom-2053281_960_720There are no real losses in life. It is only our stubbornness to hold onto things that never belonged to us. Break the shackles and set yourself free. Slay your empty ego to clear the clutter you have amassed in vain. It is only blocking your way to a better, happier life. Embrace the darkness on the way, for it is only in darkness that you encounter your true self, without distractions.